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In our service we offer functionality that monitors and notifies (alerts) about various events.

As an example let's take stock quotes monitoring .

Stock quotes monitoring

If You wouldn't like to monitor the changes in the stock, currency or index quotes yourself - You can choose the option of monitor the specific ticker and in the case of its rise or fall above/below the specific level - be automatically notified in one of many available notification channels.

Bank deposits monitoring

Bank deposits monitoring and informing when the deposit with the specified parameters will be available

Some banks (recently in Poland) offer atractive deposits but the offer is limited and available for the short time period, ex: only 5000 deposits.
Thanks of our service You manage to catch such an offer.

Notification channels

Now we provide such a notification channels:

  • Email - notification by email
  • Google Calendar - notification by Google Calendar events - it provides option of free SMS notifications !

We plan to add another notification channels, ex: popular communicators. (have You got an idea about what notification channel to use ? - write us - use contact link in the site footer)

What next ?

Soon we plan to develop next services:


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Auctions monitoring on popular auction sites and alerting
when buy offer will be added.

Thanks to that functionality You could be alerted by SMS when someone
adds an buy offer for the auction You monitor.

Group shopping

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Monitoring offers of "Group shopping" portals and informing when the offer with the specified parameters will be available

Just like deposits - sometimes there is a very attractive offer, which "disappears" quickly. Thanks of our service You will be notified immediately as soon as such an offer appears.

Have an idea ?

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Write us - use contact link in the site footer.

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