Below there is a short description on how to configure an use subscriptions of the stock quotes.

Configuration o the notifications channels

Firstly one should configure notification channels - that can be done here: Profile - configuration of the notification channels

Email channel

Provide email address for notifications

Provide received activation code

Activation successed - now the channel can be used

Google Calendar channel

You should have an Google Account. After login go to the Calendar

Then settings

I You don't have configured phone should do it now

After the configuration - You should add a new calendar, which will be shared for notifications

We share it for like that

You should fill the fields properly

  • Country
  • Time Zone
  • Person
  • Rights Make changes to events

Next we go at settings into "Notifications"

and setup SMS notification for the new invitations

At the settings page we should see the calendar address

Which we provide at our portal

We provide received by SMS activation code

Activation successed - now the channel can be used

New subscription

Subscription can be selected at: Subscriptions

After clicking Subscribe we choose the parameters for the subscription: Ex such a settings would cause sending notifications by Google Calendar when currency pair EUR/PLN go above 4,32PLN





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